welcome to my journal of the romantic heart!

a very warm welcome in this cold january weather we are having, i have so many projects going, and plan to show you the before and after of some them, am hoping my ambition and energy stay with me! ... i realize many folks now use facebook daily, but oh the many many gorgeous pictures to be shared on our favorite blogs! if you've made it this far, grab a cup of coffee or tea and to check out my personal favorites,there are some very talented gals out there in blogland with beautiful souls as well as photos...am hoping to share many thoughts and lovely photos with you, "Whatsoever is pure and good, think on these things..."
Blessings for this year~~~ z is for zanne

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

late greetings

our only grandson loves to spend time at our house and we enjoy having him ~~ he request to "cut out" cookies was granted and we had fun making up shapes for the season..seems his mom had borrowed most of the gingerbread cutters, so we were being creative with different kitchen tools...anyway we shared frosting then eating them ~ ! this season has been different for me, not having my son home this year was disappointing, but he does plan to return home for the birth of his new niece(we hope) or nephew this spring. Also had to cut back on some of the Christmas activities and creative gift making, due to both knees acting up again, so thankful for cortizone..wish it had lasted longer this time..plan to take some pics of the holiday decorations and vingettes i did manage to create..