welcome to my journal of the romantic heart!

a very warm welcome in this cold january weather we are having, i have so many projects going, and plan to show you the before and after of some them, am hoping my ambition and energy stay with me! ... i realize many folks now use facebook daily, but oh the many many gorgeous pictures to be shared on our favorite blogs! if you've made it this far, grab a cup of coffee or tea and to check out my personal favorites,there are some very talented gals out there in blogland with beautiful souls as well as photos...am hoping to share many thoughts and lovely photos with you, "Whatsoever is pure and good, think on these things..."
Blessings for this year~~~ z is for zanne

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two grandsons

pictured above is my one and only grandson at the moment, we are "bonded in love" and have had great fabulouso times in these last almost 10 years, but are both looking forward to a new addition to our family!

where have all my pics gone?

tried unsuccessfully to load pics yesterday for the before and after with the picture goblin stealing them all, try try again~~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

more pics

forgot to post earlier pictures, this wall adjoins faux brick wall, is now stained and ready for shelves to be stained also

brick wall is taking shape

after taking a day off in favor of naps while recuperating yesterday, i'm making brick magic with earth and clay tones, a few at a time..very labor intensive...as most of you know that have tried "break-away brick technique" know..but very rewarding..hubby says no one will see the wall since it will be one of the bookshelf walls, but I will know its there, and parts of it will indeed show~ can't wait to get

project done soon, shelves to be stained soon by hubby partner, the stain we chose turned out darker than i expected, but after the trim goes on i think it will look ok..you can see that i decided to add a bit more bricking on top left to complete the look, also added a bit of plaster around the old maps, what do you think? the bricks look pretty new, next stage is to age them a bit, more tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

glad its over

injections are no fun, especially spinal facet injections..glad its all over for this time, the cortizone will hopefully hold me over for another year, thanks to modern medicine and all its fluroscopic glories~~